Puzzle Pirates

4 out of 5

Written by Dr_Worm on April 25, 2007

Do you like pirates? Are you a pirate? Do your fellow pirates make fun of you because they think puzzle games are really lame? Then I'd recommend secretly bookmarking Puzzle Pirates in ol' Blackbeard's web browser. Puzzle Pirates is a free MMORPG... I mean MMORPPG that is actually worth checking out.

You start off a worthless freeloading freelancer, but as soon as you join a crew, you'll understand that teamwork really is the key to this game. Your job, nay, your duty as a pirate is to pose a threat to other pirates. How do you do this? Take on other crews, of course! As opposed to just hacking and slashing like you'd think a pirate would, you have multiple jobs that need to be done unless your crew wants to be the laughing stock of the seven seas. The interesting part of this is that each task is a different, simple puzzle game: Bilging is like Bejwewled, sailing bears small resemblence to Columns, and loading cannons is tedious, but satisfying when you get it done.

Another cool thing about this game is knowing that while you're pounding nails in the Carpentry area, someone else is navigating, bilging, sailing, and preparing cannons, all in a team effort to destroy the opposing force. Not good at carpentry? Go up to the sails and see if you're good at that. Captains are usually interested in finding what their crew is good at and either asking them to go to that task, or reminding them that they won't get paid unless they do to force them to do it. There are also team puzzles: Fist Fighting, a game similar to Bust-A-Move, and Swordfighting, which feels very unique and is really fun.

Unfortunately, to play some other puzzles, you need to pay game currency, which you can either get by playing for hours, or by paying real money, sort of like a bribe. Also, obtaining money is only really worth spending on supplies. Sure getting that 2 dubloon hat will distinguish you from the crowd, but you could've bought more cannonballs and gunpowder. And buying better weapons can take forever and only affects swordfighting gameplay. Minor complaints aside, if you can ignore the childish graphics and currency issues, Puzzle Pirates can be a very fun game to play. Puzzle Pirates gets 4 gold dubloons out of 5.