About Gridline Productions

Once when I was in school, I was bored off my ass and decided to draw a bunch of weird things on a graphing calculator. While deleting a makeshift grid, I accidently created the Gridline logo. I thought it looked cool enough to be a logo - simplistic, yet complex. It was perfect. Then I started coming up with names for whatever may have been represented by the logo. The best thing to come in to mind was Gridline.

In September 2006, I made a big domino set in Garry's Mod and decided I'd record it and put it online. By the time I started work on my second video, Half-Life 2 Screenshot Montage, I decided it was time to use the Gridline name as Gridline Productions. It wasn't until I'm Impressed that the logo was implimented, however.

Crude mspaint drawings of the previous versions of gridlineproductions.com.

On March 19, 2008, I registered the "gridlineproductions.com" domain name. Gridline then began to host all of my projects involving gaming: Creating videos using Valve's games, writing critical reviews, my devotions to They Might Be Giants and Rare, and my creativity in TrackMania.

After a while, focus had gone into game reviews and freeware game recommendations, with other people helping me out. But they slowly began to produce less and less content, until they were producing nothing for months at a time, myself included.

Now, the site acts as a personal portfolio of my own miscellaneous works.

About Myself

I'm invisible!

That's me up there. Me and the back of Aaron's head. Yeah, I'm a pretty weird guy. Interests include video games, They Might Be Giants, Homestar Runner, X-Play, The Tonight Show With Conan Obrien, and pants. Who doesn't love pants? My favorite game developers are Rare Ltd., Double Fine, Valve, Nintendo, and Lionhead.